A SMALL CITY  With Big City Amenities

Thompson is Manitoba’s third largest city and the northern hub for shopping, healthcare, administration and other services. For this reason, its 15,000 citizens enjoy the comforts and conveniences of much larger centres further south, along with the benefits of small-town living.


  • daily bus, air and rail service that allow easy and fast movement of people and goods
  • wide variety of accommodations and dining options for staff
  • modern telecommunications including high-speed Internet and cellular phone service
  • three indoor shopping centres, as well as several smaller strip malls
  • office buildings and industrial warehouses available for new tenants
  • high quality medical and dental services, including a regional hospital
  • a wide variety of sporting, entertainment and cultural activities/facilities
  • warm hospitality and a commitment to providing testing companies with all the services and facilities they require!

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