Put thompson to the test!

Thompson is becoming a global center for cold and winter weather testing. In addition to accommodating North American manufacturers, we have been pleased to host companies from England, Germany, Japan and southeast Asia.

Major automotive manufacturers from around the world have been carrying out real-world winter and cold weather testing in Thompson since the mid 1980s.  From cold soaks to endurance testing, snow ingestion to traction testing on ice/pavement pads,  manufacturers have tested their equipment to the breaking point in our fiercely cold climate.  Diesel manufacturers, heavy equipment, recreational vehicles, tire manufacturers, and manufacturers of components also tested here.

As clear evidence to the advantages to testing in Thompson, a new state-of-the-art Glacier Jet Engine facility commissioned in 2010 provides the aerospace industry with specialized operational conditions and capability to meet the growing requirements for new jet engine icing certification and other adverse cold weather conditions. It will also be used for a variety of performance, endurance and specialty testing on a year-round basis outside of the icing season.  This leading edge technology and research will give the Canadian aerospace industry the capability to advance the next generation of aircraft and position them at the forefront of future technology developments.   A prime purpose of this facility will be for icing certification and research of aviation gas turbine engines manufactured by Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney; two of the largest gas turbine manufacturers in the world.

To support globally diverse growth, the city intends to add more winter weather testing facilities and an even more comprehensive range of services. Among the enhancements currently being considered are independent facilities for an outdoor test track.  Thompson Unlimited is the clearing house for all testing needs.

Thompson MB, represents an ideal site for cold weather development and certification testing of Bell Helicopter commercial products. The city offers all of the infrastructures needed to support the test crew and equipment over the duration of the tests. People in Thompson know quite a bit about living in the cold harsh weather and make absolutely sure you have everything you need to make this cold weather experience a safe and successful one, which always makes us looking forward to get back in the cold…

Thierry Hingray,
Chief, Mirabel Flight Test
Chef, Essais en vol, Mirabel
Bell Helicopter Textron Canada